Ghost Ensemble: Universe Sings

GHOST ENSEMBLE: Universe Sings
Sunday, November 24, 2019, 8:00pm

Areté, 67 West Street #103, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, 11222
TICKETS: $15 general / $10 students

Ghost Ensemble presents an evening of music exploring the physicality and spirituality of sound, with four works new to the ensemble, including two world premieres. 

Kevin Kay’s The Universe is Vibrating (2016), a winner of Ghost Ensemble’s 2018 Call for Scores, creates spacious and sensuous resonances, illuminating shimmering swaths of the harmonic series from deep harp rumbles up to delicate high harmonics and whistle tones. The piece surprises and delights when these aperiodic textures erupt into sparkling bursts of repetition. 

Pauline Oliveros’s Horse Sings from Cloud (1975), a classic sonic meditation for ensemble, asks performers to sustain tones or sounds until any desire to change them subsides, at which point the time for change has come. A slowly morphing drone emerges that guides audience and ensemble alike toward altered modes of listening and consciousness. 

The concert further features new works composed for Ghost Ensemble in 2019 by Assaf Gidron (for flute, harp, and viola) and Ben Richter (for solo bass flute). Assaf Gidron is a composer, sound designer, and performer on cello, guitar, and electronics, and a member of the New York musician and artist group LCollective. Ben Richter is a composer, accordionist, and director of Ghost Ensemble.

This event will feature Margaret Lancaster (flute), Ben Richter (accordion), Lucia Stavros (harp), and Carrie Frey (viola).

Program in concert order

Ben Richter: new work*

Kevin Kay: The Universe is Vibrating

Assaf Gidron: new work*

Pauline Oliveros: Horse Sings from Cloud

* World premiere
Ghost Ensemble is dedicated to new musical perspectives that explore the act of listening. The ensemble’s music creates sonic spaces that shift our attention, perception, or experience of time. Critics have hailed Ghost’s debut LP We Who Walk Again (2018, Indexical), featuring works by Oliveros, Richter, and Sky Macklay, as “prodigious … a thrilling listen” (Christian Carey, Sequenza21), “wonderful work … both exhilarating and a bit scary” (Peter Margasak, Bandcamp Daily), “beautifully performed and recorded … a body-felt sound mass … evoking the primeval” (Meg Wilhoite), and “cloudy, mysterious, and dark … Beckettian in its slow spread … certainly a group to keep an eye on” (Brian Olewnick, Just Outside). 

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